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Meet Christian Pace

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Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all for visiting my page. My name is Christian Pace. Here is a brief background about myself, and what propels me in the Real Estate world. I have always been passionate about this field, especially after attending Riverside Community College, for International Business Marketing.

In business, communication is key. My promise, to you is to communicate and listen, in order to help you close the deal to your dream home.

"For me my passion is to learn as much as I can, help others in the process and bring everything in my mind to life. You have one life...I always think why not do what you love. Why not go all out for what you want! Everything that has been created in this world was by someone who took that initial risk, so I am taking mine."



Home Tours

There is nothing in the world like envisioning your future home! With Christian Pace & Wali Rahman they will make it a reality. Join Christian Pace while he tours some of the most exquisite homes on market in sunny Southern California. 

Some of these remarkable properties even include Christian’s very own personal listings. In addition to partnering up with best-friend, partner and director of media Wali Rahman...these two visionaries made it a point to make the tour in depth, engaging and most of all personal to you - the viewer. Take a look inside; your future awaits!

Featured Articles

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"What sets me apart is I always put my clients first, I am very caring and charismatic and I have a world full of humor. So I love to joke and make people laugh and feel appreciated and I won’t sleep until I have my clients taken care of. Many agents are content and complacent with making $100-$200k a year and being average. I want to reach the stars and represent the absolute top tier players, entertainers, and people in general in the world!"

- Christian Pace on VoyageLA

"I want to thank everyone that is in my life. Literally everyone I keep around has a positive and incredibly important and impactful position in my life. I want to personally thank my wife Jasmin for being a great motivator and always having my back, my amazing son ,my parents, sisters, grandparents, my team and mentors as well."

- Christian Pace on ShoutoutLA

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