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Meet Jerald Gibbs

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Jerald Gibbs


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L.A.-based real estate agent Jerald Gibbs has just joined the Pace team.

“My philosophy is not to teach people what to think,” Jerald explains. “As an agent, I believe it is my duty to educate my clients on the possibilities, and allow them to make informed decisions as they choose a residence that meets their desires, completely satisfies them, and—most of all—makes them happy.” This philosophy comes from his years of experience in secondary education. As a teacher, Jerald has always believed in encouraging students to become lifelong learners. It’s not about telling students how to perceive the world; it’s about giving them the tools to make clear and well-reasoned decisions on their own, long after they’ve left his classroom. Now, as a real estate agent, he offers his clients the same benefits, empowering them with the information and insight they need to make the right real estate decisions for themselves. Jerald considers himself a lifelong learner as well, and he looks forward to the new lessons that await him as a Pace team agent. The decision to join was an easy one for Jerald. Recognizing technology’s ever-growing role in the real estate industry, he was eager to get on board with a team that would challenge him to keep up with the latest innovations. “Tech has created a huge impact on the real estate industry,” he says. “Clients have more information readily available through apps and websites. They do not depend on an agent to search for ‘the look’ they are happy with.” As Jerald sees it, joining the Pace team is a way to offer clients the best possible service by combining the convenience and autonomy of technology with the personal touch of a real estate agent. “There is the component of ‘feeling’ a home that technology cannot provide,” he says. “This is what I believe agents provide.” Whether online or in person, one thing’s clear: Jerald’s driving goal as a real estate agent is to help clients find their perfect home by putting the power in their hands.

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