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Meet Wali Rahman


Wali Rahman specializes in Cinematography, Photography, and Graphic Design. Using his expertise of 4+ years alongside his vision, he curates the visuals you see in all of Christian Pace's personal content. Everything from artsy portraits to exhilarating home tours! Wali plans to revolutionize the game of content by bringing an energy that has never been introduced to Real Estate. With the collaboration of Christian Pace, these two visionaries are set to create something the world has never seen before!

“The best time for new beginnings is now.”

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Home Tours

There is nothing in the world like envisioning your future home! With Christian Pace & Wali Rahman they will make it a reality. Join Christian Pace while he tours some of the most exquisite homes on market in sunny Southern California. 

Some of these remarkable properties even include Christian’s very own personal listings. In addition to partnering up with best-friend, partner and director of media Wali Rahman...these two visionaries made it a point to make the tour in depth, engaging and most of all personal to you - the viewer. Take a look inside; your future awaits!

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